SEO Layered Navigation Pro

SEO is very important for any ecommerce. Our SEO Layered Navigation extension gives you opportunity to improve your search engine rankings by transforming standard magento layered navigation URLs and making them search engine friendly. So instead of
you have seo friendly URL

Also meta title for each individual layered is auto-generated based on selected attributes, e.g. "Cellphones with Color: Black and Manufacturer: Nokia"

In addition SEO Layered Navigation extension extends standard magento layered navigation allowing customers to shop by multiple attributes and price ranges at once.

Live Demo

Check Magento SEO Layered Navigation demo at our Demo store

User Guide

You can check general user guide here

New 3.0 features
  • Easilly switch between 3 blocks of filters(left, top and right)
  • Use images for filter items.
  • Allows to add hint popup for attributes.
  • Choose several frontend display types for attributes (checkboxes, dropdown,image; inputs and slider for decimal attributes)
  • Manage meta tags and titles for layered navigation pages
  • Allows customers to shop by multiple attributes, categories and price ranges
  • Makes SEO frendly urls for layered navigation
  • Simply setup custom url keys for attribute's options in backend
  • Make navigation process more comfortable for customers using
    Ajax mode (filter results without page refresh, ajax toolbar) still leaving seo-friendly urls for search engines bots.
  • Sets auto-generated SEO page meta titles based on selected "Shop By" attributes
  • Create landing pages based on various conditions (on sale, shop by brand/manufacturer)
  • Hide layered navigation html from page source in case you need to prevent indexing by search engine spiders
  • Setup custom price range step for layered navigation in backend
  • Tooltip for filters.
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • 6 months support
  • No Magento core files modification
  • Works with most browsers (tested on IE9+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari)
Free Support - 6 Month 15 Days - Money Back Easy installation
Magento Supported
  • Community Edition: 1.8, 1.9, 1.9.1, 1.9.2
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