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  1. Fast Product Import

    Fast Product Import

    Using a big experience of custom product imports we developed a new fast and easy to use extension witch will help you to upload new products to your store and update existing ones extremely quickly. Learn More »

    1389 – merchants are using this ext now

  2. Easy Checkout

    Easy Checkout 2.0

    A must have extension to increase your sales. It will replace standard magento checkout and make checkout process easy and quick. Learn More »

    569 – merchants are using this ext now

  3. Three-step Checkout

    Three-step Checkout

    Replace your standard magento checkout with more intuitive and handy 3 steps checkout. A good and professional tool to increase conversion rate of your store. Learn More »

    390 – merchants are using this ext now

  4. Seo Layered Navigation

    SEO Layered Navigation Pro

    Our SEO Layered Navigation extension gives you opportunity to improve your search engine rankings by transforming standard magento layered navigation URLs and making them search engine friendly. Learn More »

    984 – merchants are using this ext now

  5. Products Carousel

    Products Carousel

    Free animated products carousel extension for your store. Learn More »
    Free Extension

    798 – merchants are using this ext now

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